Solicitor Qualifications: New Route to Qualify

Government-Funded Solicitor Qualifications

Datalaw is excited to announce the introduction of a new government-funded solicitor qualifications, approved by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). This apprenticeship offers a unique opportunity for organisations to train their employees as solicitors while receiving financial support from the government.

Financial Benefits for Organisations

Under this apprenticeship program, organisations can claim up to £27,000 per employee for their training. This funding can greatly reduce the financial burden on organisations and make it more accessible for them to invest in the professional development of their staff.

Approved by the SRA

The government-funded solicitor apprenticeship offered by Datalaw is approved by the SRA. This ensures that the training program meets the high standards set by the legal profession, giving employers confidence in the quality of education their employees will receive.

Zero Fees for Learners

One of the significant advantages of this apprenticeship is that learners will not have to pay any fees. This eliminates the financial barrier for individuals who wish to pursue a career as a solicitor but may not have the means to pay for traditional education.

Support for Staff

Datalaw understands the importance of supporting staff throughout their apprenticeship journey. As part of the program, support staff will have access to online modules, a comprehensive curriculum, and dedicated tutor support. This ensures that learners have the necessary resources and guidance to succeed in their studies.

Limited Places Available – Register Your Interest

It is important to note that places on the government-funded solicitor apprenticeship are limited. Therefore, interested parties are encouraged to register their interest as soon as possible to secure a spot in this exciting program.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to train your employees as solicitors with the government-funded solicitor apprenticeship by Datalaw. Contact Datalaw today on 0151242 0066 to learn more about the government-funded solicitor apprenticeship and how it can benefit your organisation.

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