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When choosing what to study in university, many students find a career in law to be an enticing option.

However, it’s quite significant to keep in mind that if you’re looking to gain a law qualification, an apprenticeship could be an excellent opportunity for you to become legally qualified without having to go to university.

At Law Apprenticeships we have all the knowledge you need to succeed. Whether you’re considering studying law with the goal of becoming a qualified paralegal or solicitor, or even if you’re still unsure.

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Government-Funded Law Apprenticeships Made To Progress Your Career

The Education and Skills Funding agency (ESFA) has allocated funding to train thousands of professionals in work to gain further occupational qualifications. The ESFA provides 95% of the funding and your practice pays only 5%. As an approved registered government training provider Law Apprenticeships can take advantage of this funding on your firm’s behalf to provide the following: Level 3 Paralegal Apprenticeship, Level 7 Solicitor Apprenticeship, and Level 7 Graduate Apprenticeship. 

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Gain Occupational Skills & Become Legally Qualified

At Law Apprenticeships we have a strong commitment to our legal apprenticeships, the outcomes they produce, and the excellent relationships we have with employers to provide career options for both new and existing employees. We are aware of the growing demand among law firms for a skilled provider-partner who can provide flexible and reliable apprenticeship delivery. At Law Apprenticeships we can help find the right legal qualification for you, from Level 3 Paralegal Qualifications to help kickstart your legal career & Level 7 Solicitor Qualifications or Graduate Apprenticeships to help you gain solicitor status.

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