Why I Chose to Do a Law Apprenticeship: Apprenticeship Success Story

Paralegal Apprenticeship

Apprenticeship Success Story

How has the Level 3 Paralegal apprenticeship progressed your legal career?

The Level 3 Paralegal apprenticeship has massively progressed my career. I think I’ve developed in my role, as well as gaining confidence with speaking with clients and dealing with matters. I was approached by my supervisor with a range of options to choose from and I think Datalaw was one where it had a range of different things to do, not just like coursework and assignments.It allowed you to develop your paralegal skills as well. You had other opportunities such as presenting your portfolio, what you’ve done in the workplace, whereas others were just straightforward assignments. It wasn’t anything to demonstrate the skills that you’ve already got.

What’s been the most beneficial part of the legal apprenticeship?

The most beneficial parts being gaining confidence. I’ve gained confidence to speak to clients and give them advice before referring it to a fee-earner. Before the apprenticeship I just referred it to a fee-earner because I didn’t have the confidence to speak to the clients myself.

Would you recommend the Level 3 Paralegal apprenticeship to others?

I’d 100% recommend it. I think if you want to test skills then you need to do it with Datalaw, whereas the other ones just do assignments so you can’t really show them skills off that you’ve got.

What advice would you give to other candidates that are looking to do a legal apprenticeship?

Just go for it and make sure that you’re giving your 100% at all times.I think you’ve got to be fully prepared and also plan. Make sure you can plan.

What legal pathway did you choose and how has it benefited your occupation work?

I chose the Wills and Probate pathway and it has helped me gain better insight into the wills department, which obviously I already had knowledge before, but it’s helped me gain a little bit more of that legal knowledge to help advise clients.

What are your plans for when you finish your law apprenticeship?

My plans will be to have a look over different apprenticeships, looking at the solicitor apprenticeships, as well as beginning to develop my own caseload in one of the new offices that we’re having.

Have you received support throughout your law apprenticeship?

I’ve been offered so much help, so whenever I’m stuck, I can either ask my supervisor or my tutor and they just give so much help to you. They’ve just provided so much training. They’re always there whenever you need them. You can just email them and they’ll help you with assignments, with any questions or portfolio evidence. At first I was a little bit apprehensive whether it would be beneficial being all online, but I’ve had no problems with it and to be honest, I quite enjoyed it all being in one place. It’s easy to locate as well.

What has made this law apprenticeship stand out from others?

I think Datalaw stands out from other training providers because they don’t just have the assignments, they have the other tasks that you’re required to do, such as your portfolio evidence to present at the end. So it helps you reflect on the skills that you’ve learned during the apprenticeship and the work that you’ve been able to produce.

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